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Developed by Bielle Cosmetics Inc., Le Mieux is a unique and revolutionary skin care product line that specializes in highly effective treatment for all sorts of skin types and problem areas. Bielle Cosmetics Inc. specializes in creating innovative skin care products that are founded upon extensive anti-aging and cell growth research.

When combined in treatments utilizing ultrasound devices such as the Skin Spatula and MesoPen®, clients obtain superior results that are just unmatchable by others. Choose from a large variety of serums, masks, cleansers, toners, and lotions that leave clients' skin glowing and ravishing.

Le Mieux products are available for professionals. 

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Cleansing Gels and Solutions

Iso-Cell Recovery Solution

A unique formula recommended for cleansing and providing supplemental nutrients for wound care.  It mimics the composition of blood by providing nutrients from the outside, while complementing the bloodstream work from the inside. The benefits are accelerated healing process and retention of moisture for tissue regeneration.  Excellent solution for post microneedle and post peel application.

Spray or apply affected area to remove exudates and debris.  Re-apply and re-wipe as needed.  Remove excess liquid with a clean gauze pad.  Avoid eye area.  Recommended for all skin types except very sensitive skin.


Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: Ultimate Pore Tightening Cleanser - 6 oz 

Le Mieux Exfoliating Cleansing Gel is an oil-free purifying deep pore cleanser formulated to respond to the needs of oily, blemish prone skin. It is infused with Beta Acid as a natural exfoliant to help prevent new blemishes from forming.  Perfect to use for management of oily, blemished and troubled skin.
Indications: For cleansing imperfection and blackhead prone skin.
Directions: Simply squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto the palm of the hand.  Add just enough water to blend and spread gently over the entire face and neck, avoid the eye area.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Pat dry.  Use morning and evening.
Caution: For external use only.  Avoid direct contact with eyes and lip area.  You may experience some dryness and slight irritation.  This will lessen with time.  In case of mild irritation start by using product once a day every other day.  If irritation persist or becomes severe discontinue use of product.


Soothing Massage & Ultrasound Gel

Experience the ultimate hydrating Skin Gel to calm and soothe and moisturize dehydrated and irritated skin with natural organic botanical extracts. It is highly recommended as a comforting massage and ultrasound gel.

O2 Calming Gel combines the latest technology with organic natural ingredients which enhances variety of biological functions resulting in added benefits. The calming gel immediately relieves burning, stinging and redness for irritated skin.

Eye Firming & Lifting Masks

Bio Cell + Mask - (4 pcs set) Currently out of stock

An innovative freeze dried collagen mask saturated with intensive serum to moisturize and naturally brighten the skin. Unique cooling sensation provides immediate and noticeable results to eliminate puffiness, swelling and fatigue for damaged skin cells. The results are immediate and fine facial lines and wrinkles will appear to diminish like magic. Sophisticated infusion process leaves the micro delivery vehicle to brighten and improve the facial skin tone. Natural skin moisture balance is restored and fine lines appear to disappear after first application.

Directions: Use after cleansing. The mask is already infused with concentrated serum and can be applied as a one step system. For optimal results, it is highly recommended to apply TGF-β Booster serum on the skin before using Bio Cell + Mask for maximum benefit.


Moisture Infusion Mask - (4 pc set)

Experience an ultimate complex bio-delivery infusion process that deeply saturates this mask with intensive serums that soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. In one simple step, this complete moisture infusion immediately relieves dry, dehydrated skin. Specially formulated with anti-aging ingredients and the most stable Vitamin C (MAP), the mask brightens dull skin and provides a unique cooling sensation.
Directions: Apply to clean, dry skin. Remove gauze mask from white protective layer. Place the serum saturated gauze on the face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Do not rinse after the mask application.



TGF-β Eye Firming Mask - (4 pc set)

Experience a miraculous eye line eraser with just one single application. The fine lines around the eyes seem to disappear within minutes. Years of research developed a powerful and innovative cooling eye energizing mask to help increase oxygen uptake. The sophisticated micro delivery system helps to improve the appearance of the fine lines and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Directions: Cleanse your face and apply Le Mieux TGF-ß Booster Serum generously. Remove the protective layer from the eye mask. Apply the mask patch approximately 1/4 inch under the eyes. Make sure the entire mask is applied evenly on the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard the mask after application. Do not rinse after the mask application.


TGF-β Booster Serum - 1 oz

Unlike any product on the market today, this highly enriched concentrated serum has 85% pharmaceutical grade anti-aging ingredients and human-like growth factors in a Hyaluronic Acid base. It works on the cellular level by stimulating oxygen intake and the production of soluble collagen and elastin from human fibroblasts.

Le Mieux TGF-β Booster diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a luminous, healthy, youthful glow.

Directions: Apply AM & PM following cleansing and toning regime. Avoid immediate eye area.


RX Complex Serum - 1 oz

A safe, clinically proven alternative to cosmetic surgery and painful injections, this latest technological approach provides a high concentration of deep penetrating peptides and liposomes. Le Mieux Rx Complex Serum is most effective at reducing expression lines and oxidative DNA damage.

Direction: Apply AM & PM following cleansing and toning regime. Avoid immediate eye area.


Hyaluronic Serum - 1 oz

Deep-penetrating, intense, hydrating serum concentrate promotes cell moisture retention - each molecule retaining up to 1000 times its own volume in moisture - and providing nutrients to counteract the effects of environmental pollutants. Helps to quench dehydrated skin cells and smooth fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a softer, suppler, more radiant complexion.

Directions: Apply AM & PM following cleansing and toning regime.


Vita C Serum - 1 oz

Fight prematurely aging skin with this rich concentrated serum formulated from the most stable, pure quality, and maximum strength Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Stimulates collagen production to illuminate a dull complexion, brighten the skin, and delay the loss of healthy skin tone.

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